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Providing Customized Medication Services to customers across the country from our state of the art compounding laboratory in Macon Georgia. If you have questions, Ask Dr Scott by clicking the tab below or calling our customer service department at (800)295-3591

  • srvc_Capsules


    • Increase, decrease, or intermediate dose of a commercially available product
    • Combine more than one active ingredient into a single capsule
    • Standard release, Sustained release, or rapid dissolve
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    • Allows medications to be delivered through the rectum
      • Systemic response – for patients that can not swallow
      • Local response – hemorrhoids
    • Medications may not be commercially available in a suppository form
    • Combine more than one active ingredient into a single suppository
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    Transdermal Gels

    • Allows medications to be absorbed through the skin
    • Ideal for patients that can not swallow
    • Frequently used in
      • management
      • Inflammation
      • Nausea / Vomiting
    • Because medication is not going through the stomach less amount may be used and less side effects may be experienced
  • srvc_Capsules


    • Turn capsules or tablets into a liquid
    • Patients can not swallow tablet or capsule
    • Medication is not available in a liquid Flavor the suspension
    • Tutti Fruit Chocolate And Much More
    • Punch Strawberry

Topical Pain Gels

The compounding pharmacists at Scott’s Pharmacy have innovative ways to help you manage your pain.  No matter if your pain is acute or chronic Scott’s Health Mart Pharmacy, Compounding, & Wellness Center can help!!!

The pharmacists at Scott’s Pharmacy are able to combine multiple pain medications that have different mechanisms of action into one topical gel.  These gels can be applied directly to the painful area (lower back, knee, ankle, foot) or they can be applied to trigger point areas along the back. There are many different pain medications on the market and this is a good thing because different types of pain respond differently to specific medications.

For example:

  • Inflammatory pain (dull / achy / stiff pain) such as rheumatoid arthritis, tendonitis, bursitis, and ankle sprains often times respond better to a class of medications called NSAIDs (Non-steroidal anti inflammatory drugs).  Medications such as diclofenac, ketoprofen, flurbiprofen, and naproxen work well for this type of pain.
  • Neuropathic pain (burning, stabbing, tingling, numbing pain) which can be caused by diabetes, pinched nerves, etc. typically respond better to medications such gabapentin, Lyrica, amitriptyline, clonidine, lidocaine, and more.
  • Pain that involves muscle cramps and tightness may respond better to medications that are more muscle relaxing in nature.

For most people their pain is a combination of all three of the above pain types and many times physicians have to prescribe multiple medications to control a person’s pain.  Another consequence of taking multiple pain medications is drowsiness.  Many pain medications cause sedation and may limit a person’s ability to work, drive a car, or just function on a daily basis.

Topical Pain Gels allows a person to reduce the number of oral medications that they are taking while at the same time still being able to obtain some form of pain relief.  Topical pain gels MAY also be able to reduce systemic side effects such as drowsiness and sedation.

While these gels are prescription products the pharmacists at Scott’s Health Mart Pharmacy can work with you and your physician to create a pain gel that is customized for your pain.

Call 478-742-3098 for more information.

Scott’s Health Mart Pharmacy, Compounding, and Wellness Center are the experts in sterile compounding in Central Georgia.

We have a state of the art compounding laboratory that exceeds USP 797 guidelines for aseptic compounding. Our compounding staff is rigorously trained and their abilities are validated on a semiannual basis.

Scott’s Pharmacy is PCAB Accredited which means we:

  • Have passed an extensive onsite inspection
  • Meet or exceed rigorous national standards
  • Use only the highest quality chemicals and equipment
  • Maintain a continuous quality improvement plan
  • Employ a highly qualified staff

Our quality control program includes the random testing of our sterile products. On a monthly basis we select different lots of our sterile compounds and send them to be analyzed by an independent third party laboratory. These products are evaluated for sterility and potency.

Some of the sterile products that we compound are:

  • Penile Injections (Bi-Mix, Tri-Mix, Quad Mix)
  • Eye Drops
  • Fortified Vancomycin, tobramycin, cefazolin, etc.
  • 17 ? hydroxyprogesterone
  • M.I.C. Lipotrophic Injections
  • Inhalation Solutions
  • Hormone Injections

Call Scott’s Pharmacy for more information about Sterile Compounding at 478-742-3098


Andropause is the age related decline in testosterone, as a man gets older. Unlike female menopause the decrease in testosterone in men is not rapid and symptoms may not appear all at once. For more information

Bio – Identical Hormones

Bio – Identical Hormones are hormones that have the exact same chemical structure as the hormones that are found in your body. There are no difference in the hormones that we replace and what is flowing through you veins.

Compounding allows us to work with you and your physician to customize your hormones based on your lab results and your specific symptoms. Balanced hormones and certain nutritional supplements will help you Look Better, Feel Better, and Be Better.

For more information on Bio – Identical Hormones go to

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Did you knows? Medications can be placed in; Lollipops, Gummy,Treat & Popsicles Lozenges!
Did you knows? Medications can be placed in; Lollipops, Gummy,Treat & Popsicles Lozenges!