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Eczema actually refers to a group of conditions that leave the skin red, itchy, and inflamed.  There are many different types of eczema but the most common form or eczema is Atopic Dermatitis or Atopic Eczema.

The National Institutes of Health states that the prevalence of eczema is increasing with anywhere from 9 – 30% of the population affected by it.

Eczema is typically seen in young children and in infants and many children out grow the condition by the age of 2; however, some individuals continue to experience symptoms of eczema on and off through out there entire life.


One Wellness Place Eczema Protocol

One Wellness Place Probiotics

Probiotics for adults and children 12 and older: One Wellness Place Probiotics (2 to 4 capsules daily)

Probiotics for infants and children less than 12 years old:  Florajen 4 Kids (1 – 2 capsules daily)

One Wellness Place Fish Oil

Adults and Children  over 12 years of age:  One Wellness Place Fish Oil (4 capsules daily)

Children under 12 years of age (Kid’s DHA – follow directions on the box)


Probiotics and Eczema: Scientific Evidence

At One Wellness Place we believe in evidence based nutritional supplementation and there is plenty of evidence to support the use of probiotics in Atopic Eczema.

In 2000 The Journal of Clinical & Experimental Allergy reported that infants given probiotic supplemented formulas had a significant improvement in atopic eczema skin conditions after 2 months when compared to those infants that were not supplemented with probiotics.

Is there any evidence showing eczema can be prevented?  YES there is:

In 2007 The Journal of Clinical & Experimental Allergy reported that infants that started priobiotics after birth had less incidence of eczema at the age of 2 when compared to infants that didn’t supplement with probiotics.

Also The Lancet, conducted a study in 2001 were they gave probiotics to pregnant women who had at least one first degree relative with atopic eczema.  At 2 years of age the frequency of atopic eczema was 50% less than the mothers that did not consume probiotics during pregnancy

Eczema most commonly affects the skin on the face, knees, hands or feet; however, any area of the skin may be affected.  Eczema almost always leaves the skin very itchy and usually a rash appears.  Areas that are affected by eczema are often times very dry, thickened, or scaly.  The skin may change in color as well.

Infants that are affected by eczema can have rashes that ooze or crush and this may be on the face or the scalp.

Eczema is NOT contagious and CAN NOT be spread from person to person.

The exact cause of eczema is unknown, but it is thought to be due to the body’s over active immune system responding to some sort of allergic trigger.  There is also a family history link as well.

Flare Ups of the itchy rash (Eczema) can be in response to:

  • Certain substances or conditions
  • Contact with rough or coarse materials
  • Feeling too hot or too cold
  • Exposure to certain household products like soap or detergent
  • Animal dander
  • Upper respiratory infections or colds may also be triggers
  • Stress may cause the condition to worsen

Standard treatment of eczema includes:

  • Moisturizes to keep the skin from getting dry
  • Various topical corticosteroids to reduce inflammation
    • Hyrdocortisone
    • Triamcinolone
  • Topical / oral antihistamines to prevent itching
    • Diphenhydramine
    • Coal tar solutions
  • Products to decrease the immune systems’ response (these products do contain certain risks and should only be used for short periods of time)
    • Protopic
    • Elidel

Eczema outbreaks can usually be avoided or the severity lessened by following these simple tips.

  • Moisturize frequently
  • Avoid sudden changes in temperature or humidity
  • Avoid sweating or overheating
  • Reduce stress
  • Avoid scratchy materials, such as wool
  • Avoid harsh soaps, detergents, and solvents
  • Avoid environmental factors that trigger allergies (for example, pollen, mold, dust mites, and animal dander)

How can One Wellness Place Probiotics help with eczema?

Remember that 70% of our immune system is found in our intestines.  When we have imbalances here we can see health conditions throughout our entire bodies.

Leaky gut syndrome occurs when the lining of the intestinal tract, which is typically tight and only allows a few selected small particles to pass through into the blood stream becomes “LEAKY” small holes.  This allows partially undigested food to enter into the blood stream.

When this undigested food enters the blood stream it can cause an allergic response.  If this happens often enough the body begins to mount an allergic response not only against the undigested food but also against the body itself.  These repeated allergic responses may lead the body to over respond to certain triggers and this could result in conditions such as eczema.

Leaky Gut Syndrome is often times caused by an imbalance between good and bad bacteria.  Overgrowth of bad bacteria and yeast can cause the cells of the intestinal tract to shrink leading to a LEAKY GUT.


One Wellness Place Probiotics are pharmaceutical grade probiotics that provide 5 different strains of beneficial bacteria.  Each serving contains 15 billion live bacteria!!!

One Wellness Place Probiotics help correct the imbalance between good and bad bacteria in the body helping to normalize immune function and providing effective relief of eczema


One Wellness Place Probiotics also help with:


Yeast Infections


Acid Reflux

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Ulcerative Colitis

And More!!!

One Wellness Place Fish Oil

Pharmaceutical grade fish oil that provides a high amount of omega 3 fatty acids (EPA / DHA).  Our fish oil is fresh caught and ultra purified to ensure that is free of heavy metals and other contaminants.

One Wellness Place Fish Oil modulates the immune system resulting in symptomatic improvement of Eczema

One Wellness Place Fish Oil also help with:


Cholesterol (triglycerides especially)

Blood Pressure

Blood Sugar

Weight Loss

Sexual Health

Eye Sight

Joint Mobility

Concentration and Mood

And More!!!

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