Thyroid 101 01/18/17

Hello,  Today I want to talk about the thyroid.  January is actually Thyroid Awareness Month.

Many people have heard of the Thyroid but have absolutely NO idea where it is or what it does

So – Thyroid 101 he we go.  The thyroid – It’s a gland that is found in the neck and to be honest; it sort a looks like a butterfly.

What does it do?  The thyroid releases thyroid hormones like T3 and T4.  These hormones control your bodies metabolism.  Think about it like this.  If your body was a car; the thyroid hormones are the gas – The more you have the faster and smoother your ride.  The less gass, well we have all driven on fumes.  Or you can think of it like a band.  The thyroid is the drummer that keeps the beat.

Your thyroid can be over active or under active and today we are talking about sluggish / low thyroids – AKA hypothyroidism – Hypothyroidism is more common in women than men.

So what are some symptoms of low thyroid

  • Fatigue

  • Constipation

  • Goiters in the neck

  • Weight Gain

  • Hair Loss

  • Brittle Nails

  • Cold hands and feet

  • Being Cold – Fellas next time your girl says she cold – Tell her to get her thyroid checked.

Your doctor can easily check your thyroid levels and there are prescription medications on the market if you have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism.  There are also some nutrients that are essential to thyroid health and can really help boost your metabolism.

Check out the next video for top natural supplements for thyroid health.

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