Stress Balancing Herbs 09/25/12

Are you stressed out?  Do you feel overwhelmed with daily obligations?  If you are like most of us, removing the stress from your life often times is not an option.  So the only thing we can do is BALANCE the stress.

Of course you can exercise, pray, meditate, and a host of other things that have been shown to help reduce stress but there are also certain herbal supplements that have been shown to balance stress as well.

Balancing your stress is an excellent way to get to the root of fatigue and insomnia.  Stress may also be the reason you are not losing weight.

So if you are stressed out you should check out these herbs

One Wellness Place Ashwanganda – an herbal product that has been used for centuries in India and Africa.

Ashwanganda is known as an adaptogen, which means it helps the body cope with daily stress and promotes healthy cortisol curves.  Ashwanda has been shown to help promote a healthy thyroid and healthy cholesterol levels.

Great adaptogen, especially for women going through menopause.


One Wellness Place Stress Balance & Energy – an herbal / glandular product that is designed promote healthy cortisol levels and provide focused energy throughout the day.

One Wellness Place Stress Balance & Energy contains B-Vitamins, Vitamin C, DHEA, spleen, and adrenal tissue all of which help manufacture steroids and hormones in the body, maximize the release of energy from the foods we eat which results in natural energy.

This is a great product, which gets to the root of most people’s fatigue – which is STRESS.

One Wellness Place Sleep Pack – Stress is a natural part of life; but prolonged periods of stress can and will lead to problems with sleep.  Insomnia is often times due to stress and many people who can not sleep often complain of  “racing minds.”  They are thinking about what didn’t get done the day before or what they have to do the next day.  Studies have shown that insomniacs have high night time cortisol levels.  Reducing night time cortisol levels can really help promote a healthy night of sleep.

One Wellness Place Sleep Pack is an all-natural sleep aid that gets to the root of why people can sleep – STRESS.  This product contains two natural ingredients:

  1. Phosphatidyl serine, which has been shown to reduce cortisol levels and people who took phosphatidyl serine reported feeling less stressed.
  2. L-Theanine, which is the amino acid found in green tea.  L-Theanine has been shown to promote calm and relaxation without drowsiness.

The One Wellness Place Sleep Pack is non-narcotic, non addictive, and can be combined with other over the counter / prescription sleep aids.


Relora Plex – an herbal product that contains a proprietary blend of magnolia officinalis and phellodendon amurense bark.  These 2 adaptagens have been used in traditional Chinese medicine for years and are designed to support normal mental functioning during stress and anxiety.  Clinical trials have shown that 82% of the individuals that take Relora agreed with the statement that they felt less restless, tense, and fatigued.  They also stated that Relora helped control irritability, emotional ups and downs, tense muscles, and concentration difficulties.


Rhodiola – an herbal plant that has been used as an adaptogen for hundreds of years.  This particular herb is great for improving memory and mental function especially in times of stress.

One study looked at night shift physicians showed that those physicians that took rhodiola saw a 20% increase in short term memory, calculation, concentration, and mental performance.

This supplement is great for students who need to study during stressful times or for professional individuals that need to be sharp and functioning at their highest mental capacity during stressful times.

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