Sexual Stimulating Creams 02/14/12

Scott’s Health Mart Pharmacy also has compounds for helping women reach that special moment.  Some women don’t have a problem with arousal or vaginal dryness.  Their sexual dysfunction involves the inability to climax.

Scott’s Pharmacy can compound several different topical gels that help stimulate the clitoral region and ultimately may help a woman climax.

We can combine sildenafil, the active ingredient in Viagra with menthol that is massaged on the clitoral area prior to sexual intercourse.  The clitoris much like the male penis becomes much more sensitive when more blood is flowing to that area.  Sidlenafil (active ingredient in Viagra) helps to stimulate blood flow to these areas. 

Menthol crystals provide a cooling and tingling sensation that further helps a woman climax.

Our Trimax cream is a topical cream that contains 3 different vasodilators that are designed to increase blood flow to the clitoral area.  Ironically the ingredients in this cream are combined into an injection for erectile dysfunction in men; but when compounded into a cream and massaged on the clitoral area they increase blood flow causing the clitoris to enlarge and become more sensitive.

These products are available by prescription only.  Call a Scott’s Pharmacist employee today to discuss how you can prescribe a sexual enhancing cream for your patients.


Topical Sildenafil / Menthol Clitoral Cream

Topcial Trimax Clitoral Cream

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