Scott’s Compounding & Your Pet 04/11/11

Scott’s Pharmacy compounds prescriptions for people but also for man’s best friend.

That’s right we compound a variety of medications for cats, dogs, and other animals.

Compounding allows us flavor medications specifically to your pet’s tastes.

We have made beef and liver flavored suspensions for dogs, and a triple fish (salmaon, sardine, and tuna) flavored suspension for cats.

The pharmacists at Scott’s Pharmacy can also create a topical dosage form that you can rub onto your pet, rather than trying to give them the medication by mouth.

Real Life Compounding Example: A customer was complaining that it was nearly impossible to get her cat to take her methimazole, for hyperthyroidism.  She would not take the tablet by mouth and when she crushed it up and pet it in her food the cat just would not eat.

Real Life Compounding Solution: At Scott’s Pharmacy we compounded the methimazole into a transdermal gel that the owner rubbed into the cat’s ear every day.  The cat never knew the medication was being administered and the thyroid levels returned to normal.

We also compound sterile eye drops for animals as well

So if you have issues with your pet and its medications, call Scott’s Pharmacy and let us work with you and your veterinarian to help your pet be the best that it can be.

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