Getting to The Root Cause of Eczema 01/10/18

New research is showing that eczema is an auto immune disease.  Auto immune diseases occur when the body’s immune system attacks.  In order to get to the root cause of eczema you must first balance your immune system.  Remember 70% of our immune system is found in our intestinal tracts, so imbalances in your gut can lead to symptoms all over your body.  There are natural ways to balance your immune system and ultimately improve the symptoms of eczema.  Watch the video below to find out how you can get to the root cause of eczema



The first step to balancing the digestive tract is to REMOVE bad bacteria, yeast, fungus, and other allergens like gluten that can stimulate the immune system.  We have seen people’s eczema clear up by stopping gluten.  This is without any medications or creams


The second step to balancing the digestive tract is to REPAIR the digestive tract.  The bad bacteria, yeast, and allergens (gluten) can damage the lining of the intestinal tract, leading to a leaky gut.  A leaky gut can lead to nutrients not being absorbed and increase the chances of your immune system attack you body.  L-Glutamine is the main amino acid that helps repair the lining of the intestinal tract.


The third step to balancing the digestive tract is to REPLACE the good bacteria.  Probiotics are your good bacteria and have been shown to help with everything from constipation, gas, bloating, and acid reflux to skin issues such as eczema and even other auto immune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis.


HMF Fit For School is a high potency probiotic that is specifically formulate for children.  The 4 strains of good bacteria have been proven to promote a healthy upper respiratory tract.  HMF Fit For School also contains 1000 IU of Vitamin D as well as Vitamin C.

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