Customized Hormones 101 11/05/10

Why Customized (Bio – Identical) Hormones?

When the pharmacists at Scott’s Pharmacy customize your hormones, the hormones have the same chemical structure as those hormones found naturally in the human body.  In other words, the hormones that we replace are IDENTICAL to the hormones that are found in your body. This is drastically different from many of the commercially available hormone replacement products on the market today.

Customized Meds - Medications Made with LoveCustomized Meds – Medications Made with Love

Synthetic (patented, conventional, or artificial) hormones have been chemically altered and these alterations result in structural changes that cause differences in activity from those hormones that they are intended to replaced in the body. This may explain many of the unwanted side effects often seen with the use of synthetic hormones.

Customized hormones also are formulated specifically for you. Only the hormones that you need and the quantities that are required by you are replaced. These hormones are customized for you based on your lab results, symptoms, and physician’s instructions.

What types of dosage forms are available?

Customized hormones can be compounded in a variety of dosage forms depending on your preference and symptoms. Customized hormone dosage forms includes: capsules, creams – Sublingual (under the tongue) dosage forms: drops, troches, tablets, and injections.

Select Your Dosage Method - OneWellnessPlace Customized Medications

How can I get my hormones customized?

At Scott’s Pharmacy we do more than just compound hormones. We work closely with you as well as your physician to find the right dose specifically for you. Our pharmacists have received extensive training in hormone replacement therapy and are extremely knowledgeable in this area.

Insulin - Hormone Injection Pack

Insulin – Hormone Injection Pack

Remember that these hormones are prescription products and can only be dispensed with physician approval. Contact us for information on how to discuss customized hormones with your physician. If you would like to download an assessment form, please click here.

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