You may need more than the FLU SHOT 01/16/13

Black_woman_sneezingThe CDC (Centers for Disease Control) is saying that this flu season will be the worst in over a DECADE. Experts are saying that we are currently in a flu epidemic and during the first week of 2013 7.3% of all deaths were due to the flue or pneumonia.

If you think because you got your flu shot your safe…THINK AGAIN. The CDC says that this years flu shot is only 62% effective at preventing the flu.

There are natural ways to boost your immune system and to further protect you from getting a cold or the flu.

All natural way to boost your immune system.

All natural way to boost your immune system.


Natural Products to reduce your chance of getting sick this children include:


Vitamin D


Vitamin C


N-Acetyl Cysteine


All of these products can be found in the

One Wellness Place Immune Support Pack

Learn how to keep your kids healthy with Vitamin D and Probiotics

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