About Us


OneWellnessPlace.com is more than a website, we are a health and wellness concept dedicated to helping people Look Better…Feel Better…Be Better! Developed by Wade & Bryan Scott, owners of Scott’s Pharmacy located in Macon, Georgia.

For years Wade W. Scott, RPh and Bryan W. Scott, PharmD noticed many of their customers despite taking multiple medications were not feeling well. The customers were complaining of low energy, not sleeping, anxiety, and decreased sex drive. In addition to not feeling well many became victims of serious events such as heart attacks and strokes. As pharmacist who were always interested in clinical nutrition and evidenced based nutritional therapy they began to evaluate their customers’ nutritional deficiencies. They found that many acute and chronic illnesses could either be cured or dramatically improved by correcting these nutritional deficiencies. They also noticed that while many of their customers where using nutritional supplements, many of the supplements did not contain an effective level of the supplements to produce a healthy effect. It is for these reasons Wade and Bryan decided to create a place where individuals could find evidence based nutritional information, purchase quality nutritional supplements, and have a clinical nutritionist help them tailor a supplement regimen to their individual needs.

Our motto is simple. Look Better. Feel Better. Be Better; because every aspect of OneWellnessPlace.com is designed to help individuals do just that!