Probiotics for constipation: Constipation Need Not Be Constant 10/17/13

Probiotics for constipationMore than 4 million Americans have frequent constipation and it is responsible for 2.5 million physician office visits each year; and Americans spend around 725 million dollars in OTC (over – the – counter) remedies for constipation.

The N.I.H. (National Institutes of Health) defines constipation as fewer than 3 bowel movements per week. Constipation may result in straining, painful bowel movements, bloating, and a full bowel sensation.

It is important to remember that constipation is NOT a disease, it is a symptom and is typically not serious however, it will affect your quality of life and those individuals with regular bowel movements feel better!

Some common causes of constipation include


  • Not enough fiber in the diet
  • Lack of physical activity (especially in the elderly)
  • Medications; specific diseases or conditions, such as stroke
  • Milk and dairy products
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Changes in life or routine such as pregnancy, aging, and travel
  • Abuse of laxatives
  • Ignoring the urge to have a bowel movement
  • Dehydration
  • Problems with the colon and rectum; problems with intestinal function (chronic idiopathic constipation)

The good news is that One Wellness Probiotics can help!

The ingredients in One Wellness Place Probiotics have been shown to improve constipation is people of all ages. So where is the evidence?

  • The Canadian Journal of Gastroenterology found that 89% of individuals that supplemented with Lactobacillus improved constipation symptoms with NO side effects reported.
  • The Nutrition Journal found that children who supplemented with probiotics saw a significant increase in bowel movements and a significant decrease in abdominal pain compared to those children who did not take probiotics. Once again NO side effects were reported.

Pediatrics International reported that there was no difference in efficacy between probiotics and magnesium oxide, a common laxative. HOWEVER, the probiotic treated group experienced significantly less abdominal cramping.

So what makes One Wellness Place Probiotics So Good?

One Wellness Place Probiotics are:

  1. Pharmaceutical Grade
  2. Manufactured in FDA compliant laboratories
  3. Contain *15 billion live bacteria per serving.
  4. Contain 5 different strains of good bacteria in each capsule

probiotic-3What about Bacteria?

We have trillions of bacteria cells in our bodies, in some parts of our bodies there are more bacteria than cells. Those probiotic supplements that contain a higher amount of LIVE bacteria often times provide better results. The live bacteria in One Wellness Place Probiotics are guaranteed to be present at the time of the expiration of the product.

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