Thinking of Traveling This Summer? READ THIS!!! 05/03/10

Thinking about traveling this summer? – Read This

Travelers’ Diarrhea is the most common illness that affects international travelers.  It is estimated that 20 – 50% of international travelers are affected by diarrhea each year.  Individuals traveling to developing countries in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia have the highest risk of coming down diarrhea.

Travelers’ Diarrhea is caused by consuming contaminated food or water. 80% of the time Travelers’ Diarrhea is due to a virulent strain of E. Coli; however, it can also be due to other bacteria and parasites as well.

Symptoms of Travelers’ Diarrhea include an increase in watery stools and they typically begin very quickly.  It is not un common to experience 4 – 5 loose bowel movements each day.  90% of cases resolve within 1 week (most within 2 days) and 98% resolve in 1 month.

Typically no medical treatment is needed for Travelers’ Diarrhea because it is self limiting.  Hydration is crucial to replace lost fluids and electrolytes.  You should however, seek medical advice if you have more than 3 loose stools in an 8 hour period and especially if nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramping, fever, or blood in stools occurs.

One Wellness Place Probiotics provides 22.5 billion live bacterial cells per serving.  The beneficial bacteria in One Wellness Place Probiotics help protect against the bad bacteria that causes Travelers’ Diarrhea by preventing the bad bacteria from attaching to the lining of the intestinal tract and by producing hydrogen peroxide and other acids that kill prevent the bad bacteria from multiplying.

So what makes One Wellness Place Probiotics So Good?

One Wellness Place Probiotics are:

  • Pharmaceutical Grade
  • Manufactured in FDA compliant laboratories
  • Contain 22.5 billion live bacteria per serving
    • We have trillions of bacteria cells in our bodies, in some parts of our bodies there are more bacteria than cells.  Those probiotic supplements that contain a higher amount of LIVE bacteria often times provide better results
    • The live bacteria in One Wellness Place Probiotics are guaranteed to be present at the time of the expiration of the product
  • Contain 5 different strains of good bacteria in each capsule
    • Because we have so many different types of bacteria in our bodies those products that provide a variety of strains of bacteria often times provide better results

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One Wellness Place Travelers’ Diarrhea Prevention Suggestions

  • One Wellness Place Probiotics
    • 1 capsule twice a day beginning 1 week before and continuing through out the trip
  • Imodium AD – Just in case
    • Anti – diarrhea medicine (follow enclosed directions)
  • Pepto – Bismol – Just in case
    • Upset stomach medicine (follow enclosed directions)

The following practices can help minimize the risk of travelers’ diarrhea

  • Avoid eating foods or drinking beverages purchased from street vendors or other establishments where unhygienic conditions are present
  • Avoid eating raw or undercooked meat and seafood
  • Avoid eating raw fruits (e.g., oranges, bananas, avocados) and vegetables unless the traveler peels them
  • Avoid drinking tap water, ice, milk that is not pasteurized and eating diary products

The following are typically safe especially if handled properly

  • Well – cooked and packaged foods
  • Bottled carbonated beverages
  • Hot tea or coffee
  • Beer / wine
  • Water that is boiled or treated with iodine or chlorine

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