I just don’t know what happened to my sex drive? Could it be my TESTOSTERONE? 02/14/12


Are your patients asking what happened to my sex drive?

Remember:  43% of women complain of sexual dysfunction and many of these women list decreased sex drive as their number one problem.

Lack of sexual desire is a complex issue often times involving hormonal imbalances.  There are 3 major female hormones and when they are out of balance loss of libido or sex drive can be a result.


is hormone that is found in both men and women.  While testosterone is the dominant hormone in men, it is also extremely important in women.

Low testosterone levels have been linked to decrease bone strength, lack of concentration, fatigue, decreased muscle strength, vaginal dryness and decreased sex drive.

If your patients are having any of these issues, they may feel better by restoring their testosterone to healthy levels.

Scott’s Health Mart Pharmacy can help return testosterone to healthy levels by compounding a topical testosterone cream that is rubbed onto the inner wrist or thigh.


is also needed for sexual health.  While estrogen does not directly influence sex drive, estrogen is needed for vaginal lubrication.  Vaginal dryness and decreased sex drive often times go hand in hand and many times when vaginal dryness is corrected decreased sex drive gets better.

Scott’s Health Mart Pharmacy can compound estrogen into a topical cream, a vaginal cream, and we can even combine it with testosterone into a vaginal cream.

 A testosterone / estrogen vaginal cream is a great way to provide immediate relief of vaginal dryness due to vaginal atrophy

Remember sex can and will wreak havoc on our bodies and our lives.  All the testosterone in the world will not improve your sex drive if you are stressed to the max.  Women who have significant stressors in their lives should look at trying to balance their stress in order to get the most out of the previous therapies mentioned for low sex drive.

Click here to read more information about a new therapy for low sex drive in women, Apomorphine.

One Wellness Place Stress Balance and Energy is an excellent nutritional supplement designed to balance stress and increase energy levels.

Topical testosterone and estrogen / testosterone vaginal creams are prescription products and can ONLY be dispensed with a prescription.

If you are a healthcare professional, feel free to call a pharmacist at Scott’s Pharmacy to discuss if these compounded products are a good option for your patients.   


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