Vitamin C & Your Blood Pressure 05/07/12

We have all heard of using Vitamin C to boost the immune system which helps keep you well and free from colds and the flu, but did you know that Vitamin C can also help with blood pressure?

Well it can.  Vitamin C also known ascorbic acid is a water soluble anti oxidant, a potent immune stimulator, and can help lower blood pressure.

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reports that Vitamin C helped lowered diastolic blood pressure (top number) by almost 4 points and systolic blood pressure (bottom number) by nearly 1.5 points.

When they looked at people who actually had high blood pressure the reduction in blood pressure was even greater.

Remember, about 1 billion people world wide have high blood pressure and about 33% of the adults in the United States have high blood pressure (higher than 140/90).  High blood pressure is a leading cause of heart disease and in the United States every 39 seconds some one dies due to heart disease.  


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Other products for high blood pressure include:

One Wellness Place Fish Oil

One Wellness Place Magnesium Taurate

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