SAVE THE DATE! – Four Supplements for Better Health 11/18/10

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I know healthy living is not about how many years you live but more about the quality of those years.  I also know that if I want to be healthy lare in life, I MUST take an active role in my health RIGHT now.

One Wellness Place – Healthy Living Lecture Series

Four Supplements for Health – November 20, 2010

Scott’s Pharmacy – 635 Pio Nono Avenue, Macon, Georgia

Due to modern science and pharmaceutical products the average American can expect to live to be close to 78 years old.  But what is more important than the number of years one lives on this earth is the QUALITY of years that one lives on this earth.

If you want to have the health of a 30 year old when you are 50, then you better start working you your health at 30.  And if you are already 50, remember you can expect to live until you are 78 years old.  Working on your health now will keep you feeling great until your last days.

So what should you take to help maintain or improve your health?  With so many supplements and different so called wellness experts recommending a variety of products – how do you KNOW what to take and what is just “snake oil”?

The One Wellness Place Lecture Series provides me with evidence based nutritional therapy that helps me, my children and my entire family Look Better, Feel Better and Be Better.

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