Sexual Health & Women 02/13/12

Apomorphine – Finally a way for WOMEN to improve there sexual desires.

Apomorphine is a non-narcotic derivative of morphine that stimulates the brains dopamine receptors resulting in a better sex life for women affected by sexual difficulties.

43% of women suffer with some form of sexual dysfunction.  Scott’s Health Mart Pharmacy compounds products that help to improve 3 distinct phases of sexual dysfunction.

A study done in the Journal of Urology found that women who placed apomorphine underneath their tongue on a daily basis were sexually aroused more and experienced more vaginal lubrication.

Apomorphine tablets are only available by a prescription. Call a pharmacist at Scott’s Pharmacy today to discuss how to prescribe apomorphine sublingual tablets.

Read More about phases of sexual dysfunction and how Scott’s Health Mart Pharmacy can help.

Low Libido (I just don’t have the desire to have sex)

Inability to Climax

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